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Selling, installing and renovating indoor and outdoor staircases

BALCON ROYAL specializes in selling, installing and renovating indoor and outdoor staircases in the Montréal area. Take advantage of our experience!

Based in Saint-Léonard, we can handle your projects from start to finish. With deep industry knowledge, the professionals at BALCON ROYAL provide the very best customer service and quality workmanship.

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Staircase specialists

A staircase is essential in everyday life. These multi-leveled structures ensure that people can get from one floor to another, safely and securely, both indoors and outdoors.

If you’re looking to buy, install or renovate an indoor or outdoor staircase in the Montréal area, call the experts at BALCON ROYAL. We guarantee great service and quality work.

Vente, installation et rénovation d'escalier intérieur et extérieur St-Léonard

Trustworthy professionals serving the Montréal area

Specialized in selling, installing and renovating staircases, BALCON ROYAL has you covered. Based in Saint-Léonard, our experience and knowledge is at your service.

From non-slip surfaces for stairs to decorative railings, BALCON ROYAL can handle almost any type of structure to help you update your building.

BALCON ROYAL will work with your design preferences, carefully selecting the appropriate materials. Our projects are custom-built to suit your individual needs.

Our staircases meet provincial buildings codes

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